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Manufacturing Profile


Plastico is a world class manufacturer, specialising in the design and production of a  wide range of plastic products. All items meet European food grade regulations and are produced from a variety of materials including polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate.

Glassware, tableware and other specialist items are manufaturerd using highly specialised computerised injection moudling machinery and robotics to guarantee 100% product quality and integrity.

Our factory is based at our Northampton site and staffed with highly skilled engineers and manufacturing experts who work hand in hand with our Operations and Design team to meet customer demands both in the catering and retail markets in this country and overseas.

Manufacturing Process


At Plastico Limited, we pride ourselves on manufacturing a large percentage of all our products on site at our Manufacturing Centre in our Northampton site. Our factory has a variety of machines from 140 to  350 tonnes. Each machine can operate using a wide variety of tools from single impressions up to double daylight tools with 120 impressions. Some of the larger presses operate tools that cycle extremely fast outputing every 4-5 seconds.

Here is a quick guide to the manufacturing process, which demonstrates how the raw plastic crystals are converted into the finished article.

The raw material comes in the form of 25kg bags of plastic crystals, which is fed into the mould machines via loading bins.

The plastic crystals (and any dye required for colouring) are fed into a heating barrel which heats the material to melting point.

The molten plastic is then injected into the mould cavity. The mould is made of harded steel and cooling system, which solidifies the plastic in the moulded shape.

The mould splits in two to eject the product and then is either stacked using a state of the art robotic arm, or dispensed into packaging via a conveyor belt.

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