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Oxo-Biodegradable Tableware


Plastic packaging and tableware have become permanent features of everyday life. However, given the volume of use, the disposal of these products, can pose a problem in relation to landfill and litter. Plastico has been working with leading polymer producers and academics to find a solution to this problem. Recycling products would be ideal, but there are insufficient recycling plants available to deal with the majority of thin walled plastics produced and it is also expensive to collect and reprocess them. This drives the need for biodegradable materials. We are delighted to offer customers a complete range of biodegradable products.

How do Plastico’s oxo-biodegradable materials work?

Most of the products supplied by Plastico are made from polystyrene or polypropylene. A cellulosic supplement is added to these base polymers which creates a biodegradable characteristic, whilst maintaining the physical properties of the finished product. The active ingredient enhances the compostibility of the plastic, which is broken down by the common bacteria found in the soil or landfill when combined with heat and moisture.

How long does it take?

As soon as the oxo-biodegradable product comes into contact with heat, moisture and bacteria the degradation process begins. Within a few months the structure of the product is broken down. Total disintegration will take place within approximately 2 years. Normal plastic products take several decades before they start to degrade and even longer before they disintegrate.

What is the shelf life of Plastico’s oxo-biodegradable range?

The shelf life of Plastico’s oxo-biodegradable products is in excess of 12 months, the same as products produced from standard material, providing normal storage conditions are observed i.e. boxes are sealed and stored in a dry environment.

Is the oxo-biodegradable material suitable for food use?

Yes and it conforms to the required food contact legislation. Given that the biodegradable material is processed at temperatures in excess of 200 °C, there is no problem using the products to serve hot food or drinks. The finished products look exactly the same as those produced from standard materials and they maintain the same strength, resistance and flexibility.

Do Plastico’s Oxo-biodegradable products cost more?

There is a small supplement for Plastico products made from these new biodegradable materials. This is in the region of 20%, depending on the weight and type of product. This is a small price to pay when you consider the positive impact it will have on the environment and the benefit to the planet and future generations.

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