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Plastico was founded in 1947 by David Green. An entrepreneur by nature, he saw the opportunity for selling confectionery and catering accessories.

The company had success with wooden products and he quickly saw the potential for plastic cutlery and cocktail sticks, which were introduced into the range in the early 1950’s.

Plastico has always been at the forefront of design and innovation and was one of the first to produce and develop the Paper Chefs Hat, The Spork, high clarity polypropylene tumblers, The ‘Flexy-Glass’, stackable cutlery and more recently, bio-degradable cutlery and tableware.

A family business, David welcomed his daughter Eileen Wiggins into the company and she now runs the business with her daughter Caroline. Eileen has encouraged further growth by spearheading substantial investment into state of the art tooling and machinery. This places Plastico on a platform to compete worldwide, where it enjoys a reputation as a market leader and a name for quality, service and innovation.

Mission Statement


Plastico's mission is to be a leading provider of catering accessories in the dining experience space.

We will build customer confidence, loyalty and value, through the cost effective supply of an integrated range of exciting, high quality products and services.

We will produce new design led, customized, co-ordinated, innovative and eco-friendly concepts, that enhance the consumer dining experience. We will provide a rewarding environment for our employees, which encourages initiative, teamwork and pride in achieving our mutually rewarding goals for our customers and ourselves.

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