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EcoTaster® Mid

EcoTensil : EcoTaster Mid
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Product Description

The Ecotaster is the greenest product within the EcoTensil range. They are perfect for a few bites. The have a bigger bowl area than other tasters, so can replace costly full-sized utensils for demos. The EcoTaster Mid is great to use with or instead of portion pot/soufflé dish.

The EcoTaster Mid, has a 15% bigger bowl than the Mini. It is great for plating food directly, so can often replace the costly cup or cracker. The Mid also has a backstop for liquids.

• The EcoTaster Mid has a bigger bowl, like a spoon.
• Great for any sample that could be eaten with a plastic taster such as:
- Rice and other grains...
- Soup, chilli...
- Yogurt, pudding...
- Spreading butter, nutbutter...

Dimensions: 96mmx35mm

GREEN DOT - Compostable & biodegradable EcoTaster tasting utensil is our greenest product.
Product Features

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Additional Information

Name EcoTaster® Mid
Material Paper
Dimensions 96mmx35mm
Size MID
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