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BULMERS...Customised Glass


Bulmers, the world’s largest cider maker, were promoting their cider as a refreshing year round drink to be served as a pint with plenty of ice. They approached Plastico as the problem was finding a premium quality plastic glass large enough to hold a full pint as well as the required generous amount of ice.

The Project

Plastico with their extensive experience in injection moulding designed an oversized polycarbonate tulip pint glass which had a volume capacity of 27fl.oz to rim which would be branded with the Bulmers “over ice” logo. In line with Plastico’s aim always to create the ultimate in drinking/dining experience, the standard specification was increased by making the wall of the glass thicker and re-designing the base of the glass to achieve a more solid look, making it look even more like real glass.


The resulting product was a substantial, good looking premium glass that perfectly suited the requirement and the customer was delighted with it. The glasses were hygienically packed in individual bags into cartons of 48 to suit the licenced trade. Being manufactured from polycarbonate meant the glasses would go through a dish-washer several hundred times, and there would be no danger of chips or breakages during use in a busy bar.


ASCOT...Fine Dining & Hospitality


Ascot Race course is considered one of the premiere horse racing venues in the UK and over the last couple of years the race course has been out of action while a redevelopment of the public areas has taken place.
In line with the redevelopment a number of the catering venues had new concepts and the caterers wanted to co-ordinate the complete offer from cutlery through drinking cups.

Ascot approach Plastico

Plastico were asked to come up with design concepts for bespoke cutlery packs and drink stirrers. Plastico presented a range of designs and products to Ascot. These included filmed wrapped cutlery, branded napkins, branded film and a card sleeve. There was also consideration given to improving the pack to make it more upmarket. The caterer is charging £30 for a plate of seafood and as such the pack had to look good and offer value for money for the whole meal.


Plastico was selected to produce the packs within a very short lead time, co-ordinating the production of a new bespoke sleeve in Ascot design along with hand packing the product with wooden cutlery, luxury handy freshener and a 2ply napkin.


The new products have been introduced into the redeveloped outlets at the course and have proved to be a real winner with customers.


A Leading Swiss Salad Manufacturer


Prodague is one of the Swiss leaders in fresh salads. A company that devotes itself to the quality of its products and the care of it's customers. Prodague became aware very quickly of the potential of the fresh salads' market. Indeed, the snacking market is booming and more consumers are using this type of product. They decided to develop a new concept to go inside its salad bowls that bring the company a competitve advantage.

Prodague call on Plastico

Prodague wanted to add in its salad bowls an individual meal pack including a fork, a napkin and a freshener. The company wanted a product that looks good, doesn't break and easy to use for it's customers. Prodague called Plastico, one of the leaders in plastic cutlery manufacture.


Plastico succeeded in producing in a very short time an innovative and attractive meal pack for Pradague. A mini fork of 103mm in polypropylene was especially made and wrapped with a small napkin and a freshener.


The new meal pack was introduced into Prodague's salad bowls. The users have responded favourably to the new products with many of them commenting on how good they look.


A Modern and Innovative Chain of French Patisseries 


Mason Blanc is entirely French in all but location. They have 15 upmarket Patisseres in and around London and the South East. They are now in the process of launching a new concept under the "Vite" brand.

Maison Blanc Approach Plastico

Maison Blanc have rebranded and wanted a supplier to produce and supply various catering accessories to help promote their image. Plastico assisted by putting together a range that included a bespoke meal pack containing our Elite Knife and fork, Superjet Soup Spoon and a Printed Napkin and a Handy Freshener. We also produced a custom printed Brown and White Sugar Stick as well as a Salt and Pepper Sachet.


Plastico was selected from a number of different manufacturers to work with the Marketing and Business Development teams and result has been Plastico succeeded in producing a co-ordinated range of catering accessories in a short space of time.


The new products have been introduced into the rebranded stores in London and the Meal Pack is an integral part of their new entertaining at home meal offers.

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